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Department of Educational Sciences and Psychology

General Education

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Fields of activity

The Chair of General Education deals with national and international debates on the theory and empiricism of education, upbringing and socialisation in school and non-school contexts. The theoretical focus is on systematic analyses and critiques of educational institutions and practices as the subject of relevant academic debates and nonacademic discussions on education. Thematic foci are problems of education for democracy (1), educational theory (2), educational ethics (3) and the philosophy of childhood (4).

Current research foci of the staff

  • General Education
  • Upbringing, education and socialisation theory
  • Philosophy of Education
  • Global Philosophy of Education, in particular Philosophy of Education in India
  • Philosophy of childhood
  • Political Philosophy of Education
  • Theory and Empiricism of Democracy and Moral Education
  • Global Citizenship Education
  • Post- and decolonial theories and perspectives in educational science
  • Pedagogical metaphorology
  • Pedagogical Ethics / Applied Ethics
  • Biographical research oriented towards educational theory / methodology of qualitative and quantitative educational research
  • Childhood and youth research
  • Inclusion research/ Philosophy of Disability
  • Educational and educational theory issues in the context of digitalisation / media education
  • Migration and Post-Migration
  • Education for sustainable development
  • Critique and its justification / Reception of critical theory in educational disciplines and further development of critical educational science
  • Historical education, remembrance policy and education and museum education
  • History of theories of education and educational science / Classics of education and educational theory
  • (Global) History of Childhood and Youth
  • Teacher Education Research / Internationalisation of Teacher Education
  • Consumer aesthetic education and consumer culture