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Department of Educational Sciences and Psychology

Historical educational research as a social and cultural science

"Memory binds our human existence together into a unity. Without the ability to remember, knowledge of ourselves and the world would fall apart into disjointed details."
Foreword to Christian Gudehus/Ariane Eichenberg/Harald Welzer (Hrsg.) (2010): Gedächtnis und Erinnerung. Ein interdisziplinäres Handbuch. Stuttgart/Weimar: Metzler, S. VII

Historical educational research draws its topicality

  • from the lingering effects of the past in present and future ways of life, opinions, institutions, values and goals
  • from discovery about the diverse youth cultures of our region in common with youth cultures worldwide
  • from the possibility to understand history as common and to draw responsibility from it for future coexistence
  • from comparisons that show that urban cultures have always emerged thanks to migration and mobility
  • from the fascination of discovering how vivid traces of the past are in our region and how worldwide relations were even before 1500
  • from the consideration of historical constructions of gender differences and their linkage with generational differences
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